1. (OVERDUE)

Write a program that asks the user for her income.  Assuming a tax rate of 10%, it will then calculate the tax and output a statement like:

"Your income was $        and your tax is $            "

  1. (OVERDUE)

Write a program that takes the number of hours worked for the week and the rate of pay as input.  It then calculates the salary incorporating the "time and a half" rule for overtime (more than 40 hours).  Assume a rate of pay of $9 per hour.  Test your program with the following data:    (a) 25 hours and (b) 50 hours.

  1. (DUE:    11/1 (past due))

Write an application to help do payroll calculations.  Your application should read wages and compute and print the State of Illinois tax due (3 percent of wages); your application should continue reading wages until an end of file is encountered.  At the end of file, the application should print the total of all wages paid and the total of all Illinois state taxes due.  The output of the application should look like this:


Enter wages:    $  20450.00
State of Illinois tax due is $613.50

Enter wages:    $ 103575.00
State of Illinois tax due is $3107.25

Enter wages:    $ ^z

Total wages paid were $124025.00
Total State of Illinois tax due is $3720.75

  1. (DUE:    11/29 (past due))

This is a special group programming assignment. It begins with a group programming laboratory on 11/20. Normally you must do your own work. For the laboratory, you are expected to work in groups of 3-5 persons. You must accurately report who has worked on each project. It is acceptable for individuals to help another group, but all such contributions of effort must be accurately reported.

For the laboratory, each group is to work on producing one of three animation applets. The list of three acceptable applet projects will be provided on 11/20 at the lab. At the end of the lab each group should email the best .java file for their applet to This applet will be graded.

After the laboratory is done, the members of the group have until the due date of the assignment to improve their result collectively or individually and then to send an improved applet .java file to the instructor. In addition, each group or individual is to prepare a short discussion of the data structures and methods that would be useful in a java class for animation, and email that discussion as well. There will be a grade for the final applet and a grade for the essay. If no final applet is submitted, your laboratory group grade will be recorded a second time as your final applet grade. It is up to each person to decide for themselves if they wish to submit the final applet or the essay for grading as part of a group to be graded collectively or as an individual to be graded individually, but an accurate history of the contributions of all parties must be included in either case. If you wish to have extra credit, you may work on one or both of the other animations and submit that by 12/4.

  1. (DUE:    12/13)

This is the final homework of the semester. It is due the last day of classes, and there will be no time extensions. This is not a group project but you may build on the work done in the 11/20 lab, the work you did in your essay, and the examples presented in the 12-4 lecture. You are to make an animation applet which uses simple, cartoon-like images to show a big fish swimming up behind a little fish and swallowing it. Then the sceen should repeat.


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