CSC1023 Quiz 8

Spring 2012
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CSC1023 Quiz 8
Spring 2012


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This is the eighth weekly quiz to be taken on Friday, 20 April 2012 after you have completed the assignment 6. In order to do this quiz, you must use a computer that has Python and IDLE installed. You may use Dowling's computer laboratory computers or you may install Python on your own computer. If you have done the work of the asignment, this quiz should take half an hour to 2 hours to do. If you have not done the work of the assignment, it will take, you much, much longer, but it is worth doing because there are special extra-credit questions in this quiz that would help you make up for past deficiencies. You may not help one another.

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  1. There is no partial credit on this question, but for credit worth 4 complete quizzes: Examine the python code in, prepare an entry in your blogspot blog for this course explaining in detail what each and every section of code does, and give the URL of your blog entry as the answer to this question. You get no credit for a partial answer. You get no credit if you place the text of your answer anywhere other than in your blogspot blog for this course. But you get lots and lots of credit of you do this completely and correctly.

  2. What does a special __str__() method in a class definition do that is useful.

  3. Explain how to instantiate an object in python

  4. Explain self in python.

  5. Explain whether self does or does not appear in the definition of a static method and why.

  6. For credit worth one entire quiz, write a careful explanation of the use of @name.setter on page 239, both giving the general rules and multiple specific examples, explaining in your own words why this is useful. Post your explanation on your blogspot blog, not here. Here you should give the URL of your blogspot entry.

  7. Give the URL of your own trivia script program on arcib, as assigned prior to this quiz, and explain how to run it.

  8. Give the URL of your own interactive web page on arcib, in which you are asking the user for some information that you use to determine what comes back in a web page. It is OK to respond the this question with the same URL as for the prior question, but if you don't have that one ready, yet, here is a chance to get some credit for something simpler.

  9. This question is not for extra credit, but it is worth 4 questions all by itself, and you will have this question on every quiz from now on. Describe in detail what you are doing for your course project. Describe in detail what you have done so far for your course project. Describe in detail what you still need to do to finish your course project. It is not acceptable to leave your answer blank. If you have a problem in doing you course project, use the space to explain what the problem is in detail and what you propose to do to get your project done.

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