CSC3982 Quiz 7

Spring 2013
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CSC3982 Quiz 7
Spring 2013


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This is quiz 7 to be taken by Monday, 8 April 2013. It should take you between half an hour and 2 hours to answer the following questions. You will need to have done the rest of the assignment to be able to answer the questions on this quiz.

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Please answer the following questions on this form (or on a paper copy of this form).

  1. Give the URL of your 21-minute presentation on the status of your projects for this course.

  2. Give the URL for your multi-project timeline, and make a reasonable estimate of whether you are going to have to take an incomplete for this course.

  3. Considering all you now have learned about software engineering, if you could go back in time and do this course over again, what is the most important thing you would do differently and why?

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