PyMOL Interface

Many of the features that PyMOL’s internal interface has to offer have been included in EZ-Viz and are in many cases easier to use. Because of this overlap of function, the final pair of buttons found on this tab allows the user to show or hide the internal interface to make more room on their desktop for the viewing and EZ-Viz windows.

Stereo Viewing

One of PyMOL’s greatest features is that it supports three different stereo imaging options: quad-buffered, cross-eye, and wall-eye.  To make toggling between stereo and normal viewing easier, we have created a series of radio buttons that allow the user to quickly enable or disable one of the stereo viewing options.

Background Color

The buttons associated with background color control the backdrop of the PyMOL viewing window.  While three common choices of black, white, and gray are each given their own buttons, by clicking the button labeled ‘Other’, the user is able to access a color palette where they can customize the color they want.

Color Space

The buttons that are linked with color space alter the color palette used to display the image. The choice of which colors will be used is made based upon what colors look best in an image that will either stay in PyMOL, be published, or displayed on the Web.


EZ-Viz Tab