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Image dictionary (imgCIF) version 1.5.4




        Data encoding of a single element of array data.

               The type 'unsigned 1-bit integer' is used for
               packed Booleans arrays for masks.  Each element
               of the array corresponds to a single bit
               packed in unsigned 8-bit data.

               In several cases, the IEEE format is referenced.
               See IEEE Standard 754-1985 (IEEE, 1985).

               Ref: IEEE (1985). IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point
               Arithmetic. ANSI/IEEE Std 754-1985. New York: Institute of
               Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Type: uline

Mandatory item: yes

The data value must be one of the following:

'unsigned 1-bit integer'

'unsigned 8-bit integer'

'signed 8-bit integer'

'unsigned 16-bit integer'

'signed 16-bit integer'

'unsigned 32-bit integer'

'signed 32-bit integer'

'signed 32-bit real IEEE'

'signed 64-bit real IEEE'

'signed 32-bit complex IEEE'

Category: array_structure

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