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Draft version 1.5 for comment

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Image dictionary (imgCIF) version 1.5.4




       The value of _diffrn_detector_element.reference_center_slow is
              the slow index axis beam center position relative to the detector
              element face in the units specified in the data item
              '_diffrn_detector_element.reference_center_units' along the slow
              axis of the detector from the center of the first pixel to
              the point at which the Z-axis (which should be colinear with the
              beam) intersects the face of the detector, if in fact is does.
              At the time of the measurement all settings of the detector
              positioner should be at their reference settings.  If more than
              one reference setting has been used the value givien whould be
              representive of the beam center as determined from the ensemble
              of settings.

              It is important to note that the sense of the axis is used,
              rather than the sign of the pixel-to-pixel increments.

Type: float

Mandatory item: no

Category: diffrn_detector_element

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