File Name		Archive #	Description
 COPYING                    1	GPL (GNU General Public License)
 NOTICE                     1	Notices
 cyclops.src                1	directory for cyclops sources
 dictionaries               1	directory for dictionaries
 ciftbx.src                 1	directory for ciftbx (load first)
 cyclops.src/README.cyclops 1	information on CYCLOPS2
 cyclops.src/MANIFEST       1	a list of files in the kit
 cyclops.src/Makefile       1	a preliminary control file for make
 cyclops.src/cyclops.cmn    1	CYCLOPS common block
 cyclops.src/cyclops.f      1	CYCLOPS fortran source
 cyclops.src/cyclops_test.prt  1	CYCLOPS stdout test output
 cyclops.src/mtest.cyc      1	CYCLOPS STARCHEK output for mtest