CSC1023 Quiz 5

Spring 2012
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CSC1023 Quiz 5
Spring 2012


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This is the fifth weekly quiz to be taken on Friday, 16 March 2012 after you have completed the midterm and assignment 5. In order to do this quiz, you must use a computer that has Python and IDLE installed. You may use Dowling's computer laboratory computers or you may install Python on your own computer. It should take out approximately half an hour to 2 hours to answer these questions. You may not help one another.

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  1. Explain mutability and immutability and explain how it relates to strings in python.

  2. What does the break statement do?

  3. What does the continue statement do?

  4. What are the rules for identifiers in java?

  5. Describe the java switch statement and give an example.

  6. Explain inheritance in java.

  7. What is a java interface used for?

  8. What does the java Scanner class do. Both desrcibe it and give and example.

  9. How does the OSI/OSI reference model differ from the Internet reference model?

  10. Give examples of at least 3 commonly used data link layer standards, saying something about what each one does.

  11. Describe the internet (network) layer protocol.

  12. In the internet what is the transport layer protocol called and what does it do?

  13. In networking, what is the application layer?

  14. How do you put a comment in an HTML page? Both describe it and give an example.

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