CSC1023 Quiz 6

Spring 2012
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CSC1023 Quiz 6
Spring 2012


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This is the sixth weekly quiz to be taken on Friday, 23 March 2012 after you have completed the first part of assignment 6. In order to do this quiz, you must use a computer that has Python and IDLE installed. You may use Dowling's computer laboratory computers or you may install Python on your own computer. It should take you approximately half an hour to 2 hours to answer these questions. You may not help one another.

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  1. Give the URL of your analysis of

  2. Give the URL of your pseudocode for a program to ask a user for a list of names that need to be changed in your story and then to go through the story replacing each name with its intended replacement.

  3. Briefly explain how to create a Python program to work as a CGI script.

  4. How to you define and document a function in Python?

  5. Explain abstraction, giving an example from a fast food place.

  6. Explain how to return a value from a Python function.

  7. Explain the Python positional and keyword function arguments.

  8. Explain global variables and constants, giving examples.

  9. Give a Python function that asks for a number within a range and returns a number within the range specified.

  10. Explain the concept of encapsulation.

  11. Explain the concept of software reuse.

  12. Explain the role of the main() function, both specifically in the Tic-Tac-Toe game and as a general concept.

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