CSC1023 Quiz 9

Spring 2012
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CSC1023 Quiz 9
Spring 2012


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This is the ninthth weekly quiz to be taken on Friday, 27 April 2012 after you have completed the assignment 7. In order to do this quiz, you must use a computer that has Python and IDLE installed. You may use Dowling's computer laboratory computers or you may install Python on your own computer. If you have done the work of the asignment, this quiz should take half an hour to 2 hours to do. You may not help one another.

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  1. Give the URL for your essay expressing a preference between procedural programming and object oriented programming for some specific use of computers, and summarize your main argument.

  2. According to Dawson, in OOP-speak, how do objects interact.

  3. What is UML?

  4. Explain, carefully and in detail exactly what the satement on page 255 that says, my_hand.add(card1), does.

  5. Explain inheritance.

  6. How do you extend a derived class?

  7. Explain overriding a method.

  8. Explain polymorphism.

  9. Explain how to write your own module.

  10. Hopefully your project is close to done. If it is done, explain what you did for your project. If it is not done explain what you hope to do for your project. In either case cleary identify what you have contributed to the project that is your own work versus what came from other sources, giving credit to those sources.

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