CSC1024 Quiz 12

Fall 2011
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CSC1024 Quiz 12
Fall 2011


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This is the tenth weekly quiz to be taken on or before class on Tuesday, 29 November 2011. You should do it after you read the Bluetooth section of You should expect to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours on this quiz. You may use your text and any other resources to do this quiz, but if you do not know the answers well or are unable to discuss them in class, you will lose credit for the quiz.

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Please fill in the following information:



Please answer the following questions on this form (or on a paper copy of this form).

  1. What is Bluetooth?

  2. What are the two main configurations of Bluetooth PANs. Explain the terms you use.

  3. What is JSR 82? Explain each of the layers.

  4. Explain the Echo Server in some detail.

  5. Explain the stages involved in devices discovery.

  6. Explain the stages involved in services search.

  7. What are RFCOMM and L2CAP?

  8. What is the relationship between connectionless L2CAP and JSR-82?

  9. Explain the negotiation on maximum packet size.

  10. When does the Nokia report recomment using L2CAP instead of RFCOMM?

  11. For credit worth all the quizzes on Davison, write a detailed report on the question of what a computer professional needs to do to keep up with the changes in technology. You are to use the information in Davison as a source of examples, and display a clear understanding of both the general issue and of the specific examples you choose.

  12. Reviewing everything you have read in Brackeen, Davison and combining it with you own efforts at programming, writing a thoughful essay on what skills are most useful for success in progamming.

  <==== Do this AFTER you've answered all the questions

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