CSC1024 Quiz 3

Fall 2011
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CSC1024 Quiz 3
Fall 2011


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This is the third weekly quiz to be taken on or before Tuesday, 27 September 2011. You should do it after you read the first 2 chapters of Brackeen and have done the tutorials at and can do the quiz there perfectly. You should expect to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours on this quiz. You may use your text and any other resources to do this quiz, but if you do not know the answers well or are unable to discuss them in class, you will lose credit for the quiz.

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Please fill in the following information:



Please answer the following questions on this form (or on a paper copy of this form).

  1. Explain what java frame is and what can be included in a frame.

  2. Describe the rules on java variable names.

  3. Give an example of an html web page that invokes a java applet.

  4. Explain what happens when you use a web page with a java applet.

  5. Explain what ant is.

  6. Explain why you should not run too many threads at once.

  7. How do you put a thread to sleep for 3.25 seconds?

  8. Why would you implement the Runnable interface?

  9. When doing graphics, where is the screen's origin?

  10. Describe in words the relative positions of a pixel with coordinates (7,35) and a pixel with coordinates(3,42).

  11. Explain 8-bit color.

  12. Explain 32-bit color.

  13. Explain anti-aliasing.

  14. What three raster formats are built into java runtime.

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