CSC1024 Quiz 7

Fall 2011
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CSC1024 Quiz 7
Fall 2011


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This is the seventh weekly quiz to be taken on or before Tuesday, 25 October 2011. You should do it after you read the last chapter of Brackeen and the first Chapter and then the 2D Gaming section of You should expect to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours on this quiz. You may use your text and any other resources to do this quiz, but if you do not know the answers well or are unable to discuss them in class, you will lose credit for the quiz.

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Please answer the following questions on this form (or on a paper copy of this form).

  1. Explain the meaning of generics, parameterized types or templates with a code frament example.

  2. Explain the concept of static import, saying what is desriable and undesirable about it.

  3. According to Andrew Davison, which of the commonly-expressed criticisms of Java as a games programming language is true?

  4. Explain what full screen exclusive mode is and its principal aim.

  5. Explain the meanings of FPS and UPS.

  6. Explain the problem in obtaining the dimensions of the JPanel in the AFS WormChase Class.

  7. According to Andrew Davison what is a shapely window?

  8. What is JOAL?

  9. What is JSAPI?

  10. What is the URL of Ari Feldman's SpriteLib?

  11. What game is the quintessential side-scroller?

  12. Explain what isometric tiles are and how it relates to 3D.

  13. Describe a technique for faking 3D with 2D and perspective.

  14. According to Andrew Davison what is Scratch?

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