22908 CSC 3080A - 0 - Operating Systems

Spring 2012
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Quiz 1


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This is the first daily quiz to be taken by Friday, 3 February 2012. It should take you between half an hour and 2 hours to answer the following questions. You should be sure to do the readings before doing the quiz.

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  1. List eight principles related to the behavior of and decisions made by software engineers.

  2. Explain the embedded mindset.

  3. Explain the service mindset.

  4. What do ethics, embedded mindset and service mindset have to do with operating systems?

  5. Explain Murphy's Law.

  6. Explain KISS.

  7. Explain the similarities and differences between systems programming and applications programming.

  8. Explain the relationship between device drivers and operating systems. Be sure to discuss user mode versus kernel mode.

  9. Explain the relationship between Mac OS X and unix. Explain the relationship between MS Windows and unix.

  10. Explain the relationship of the Alto and modern computing.

  11. Explain what a deadlock is, giving an example.

  12. Briefly explain the Banker's algorithm.

  13. Explain how a semaphore works.

  14. Make a preiminary suggestion for your project for this course.

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