22908 CSC 3080A - 0 - Operating Systems

Spring 2012
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Quiz 5


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This is the fifth daily quiz to be taken by Friday, 2 March 2012. It should take you between half an hour and 2 hours to answer the following questions. You should be sure to do the listen to the videos and do the readings before doing the quiz.

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  1. Explain what a file system is, why such things exist, and what services they provide. Be sure to cover file naming, file structure, file types, file attributes and what file operations are provided. Be detailed. Be thorough. If you do an excelent job on this question, you will get extra credit worth one full quiz.

  2. Explain the unix file system calls involved in copying one file to another.

  3. Explain directories and paths.

  4. Explain 3 methods for implementing files.

  5. Explain the reasons for and the use of caching in file systems.

  6. Explain block read-ahead.

  7. Explain techniques for reducing arm motion.

  8. Explain issues in defragmentation.

  9. Explain the ISO 9660 file system. Be careful to explain the differences between CD-ROMs and magnetic disks, and the support for CD-ROM sets.

  10. Explain the Rock Ridge extensions in detail.

  11. Explain the Joliet extensions.

  12. Explain the interaction of block size and maximum partition size for all possible MS-DOS FAT types.

  13. Explain the use and structure of i-nodes in Unix V7.

  14. Give a status report on your project. If multiple people are involved, each person needs to report.

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