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27534 CSC 1071A - 0 - Data Structures

Spring 2004
Tuesday, Thursday, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm , Kramer Science Center 102A
Herbert J. Bernstein ( )



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All assignments are to be submitted as text-only email or posted on the web and submitted by email containing the URL of the assignment to: with absolutely no attachments. No assignments will be accepted late. No assignments will be accepted on paper. No assignments will be accepted on diskettes. An assignment is late if the email is sent after the start of the class at which it is due. The grade for the assignment will be sent back to the email address from which the assignment email was sent. In the case of group assignments in which multiple students are involved, one student should be the sender of the email and the other students should be listed both in the email "CC:" list and in the body of the message.

Students should check this page frequently for updates.

Updated 2 Febrary 2004.