CSC3971 Quiz 6

Fall 2011
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CSC3971 Quiz 6
Fall 2011


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This is the sizth weekly quiz to be taken on of before class on Tuesday, 18 October 2011. You should do it after you read all of Schafer. You should expect to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours on this quiz. You may use your text and any other resources to do this quiz, but if you do not know the answers well or are unable to discuss them in class, you will lose credit for the quiz.

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Please answer the following questions on this form (or on a paper copy of this form).

  1. What is SSI in the context of CGI?

  2. Discuss whether there is any particular computer language you should or should not use to write CGI scripts. For example, can you write a CGI script based on a fortran program or based on a cobol program?

  3. How does PHP use the semicolon and how does PHP use whitespace?

  4. Explain the handling of optional arguments in PHP.

  5. List 5 common syntactic mistakes in writing PHP.

  6. Discuss the best setting for expose_php in the php.ini file.

  7. Give an example of connecting to a database in PHP.

  8. In XHTML give the tags used for newline, horizontal rule, a hyperlink for an image to incorporate into a document, with an example for each. Be very careful to follow all the rules of XHTML in your eaxmple. (Hint: there is something different about these tags in XHTML that was not always true in HTML).

  9. In XHTML, give the color codes for the following names: Peachpuff, Teal, Burlywood, Floralwhite, and Cornflowerblue. In each case, in addition to the hexadecimal value, also give the individual RGB values as decimal numbers 0-255.

  10. In CSS, explain the use of table-layout fixed.

  11. In javascript how does the Boolean object b = new Boolean("") get evaluated in if(b) {...}?

  12. In perl what are the variables $%, $=, $-, $~, $^, $|, and $+?

  13. In python how can you most easily convert a string to be HTML-safe, including conversion of double-quotes?

  14. In PHP 5, what function returns the int Julian day count starting from a Gregorian date and what function returns the Gregorian date as a string for a given Julian day count?

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