CSC3971 Quiz 11

Spring 2013
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CSC3971 Quiz 11
Spring 2013


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This is quiz 11 to be taken by Friday, 3 May 2013. It should take you between half an hour and 2 hours to answer the following questions. Please do it after you have done the rest of the assignment.

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Please fill in the following information:



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Please answer the following questions on this form (or on a paper copy of this form).

  1. Give a complete list of the URLs at which you have posed each of the assignments of this course for grading.

  2. Give the URL of your completed portfolio project for this course. Be careful to cite and credit all sources for material that does not represent your own original personal creative effort. Be certain to identify what part(s) of the project so represent your onw original personal creative effort.

  3. Even of you have included the information in answer to question one, list here at least 12 BOSPRE programs that you have completed, giving the URL at which your result can be found. For each program, state precisely how much of the work on this program is the result of your own effort, and credit whoever did any work whatsoever on the program.

  4. Pick whichever of the BOSPRE programs you had the fifth most difficulty with. Discuss what you were able to do with the task and what difficulties you had. This information will be used to inform a discussion of how best to solve to do that task.

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