CBF/imgCIF Extensions Dictionary

Draft version 1.5 for comment

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Image dictionary (imgCIF) version 1.5.4




        The increment after this frame for the angular setting of
               the specified axis in degrees.  The sum of the values
               of _diffrn_scan_frame_axis.angle,
               _diffrn_scan_frame_axis.angle_increment and
               _diffrn_scan_frame_axis.angle_rstrt_incr is the
               angular setting of the axis at the start of the integration
               time for the next frame and should equal
               _diffrn_scan_frame_axis.angle for this next frame.

Type: float

Mandatory item: no

Enumeration default: 0.0

Category: diffrn_scan_frame_axis

HTML version of draft dictionary created by modified version of makedicthtml by B. McMahon from modified version of imgCIF dcitionary 1.3.2 which is subject to the following copyright: