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This is the weekly quiz for 11 September 2012 for the CSC 1009 course. Please do this quiz after you have completed the rest of assignment 1. It should take between one half hour and 2 1/2 hours to complete if you are well prepared, longer if not. Please recall that your were supposed to have the Gips textbook and to have read the first 98 pages (Chapter 1--5).

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  1. Explain, according to Gips, in detail the structure of simple formulas in Excel.

  2. Explain, according to Gips, why you should use cell adresses rather than current values in formulas.

  3. Explain, according to Gips, the exact sequence of steps you would take to format cell G35 to be 9 Point Arial Bold with centered text.

  4. Explain, according to Gips, what happens if a formatted number is too long to display.

  5. Explain, according to Gips, what a circular reference is.

  6. Explain, according to Gips, what Auto Fill does and how it can be used to fit a straight line.

  7. Explain, according to Gips, what the Text to Columns Tool (Text to Columns Wizard in older version of Excel) does and when you are likely to need to use it.

  8. According to Gips, what is the Format Painter button, where is it located, and how is it used?

  9. Suppose cell A1 contains the number 5, cell A2 contains the formula =A1/2, cell A3 contains the formula =A1+A2 and cell A4 contains the number -7.5, and cell A5 contains the formula =SUM(A3:A4). Explain what will be displayed for each cell and why.

  10. What is your gmail email address? What is your Skype ID?

  11. What is the URL of your portfolio on Google Sites? What is the URL of your blog on Google Blogger? What is the URL on Google Sites that you will use to submit assignments?

  12. Explain the concept of the commons and how it applies to the use of computers and networks.

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