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This is the weekly quiz for 23 October 2012 for the CSC 1009 course. Please do this quiz after you have completed the rest of assignment 6. It should take between one half hour and 2 1/2 hours to complete if you are well prepared, longer if not.

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  1. Carefully explain the rules of the Conway's Game of Life.

  2. Assume cell B2 contains 1, cell C2 contains 0, cell D2 contains 1, cell B3 contains 0, C3 contains 1, D3 contains 0, cell B4 contains 1, cell C4 contains 0 and cell D4 contains 1. If you put the formula =sum(B2:D4)-C3 into cell C32, what value will be computed and displayed in cell C32.

  3. If you set up your spreadsheet as in problem 2 and then use the fill handle to drag from C32 to D32, and then again to drag from D32 to D33 to copy cell C32 laterally to the right and diagonally down and to the right, what formula will be in cells D32 and in D33.

  4. Explain how questions 2 and 3 relate to implementing the Game of Life.

  5. Give the URL for your spreadsheet simulating investments over the next 20 years, and the URL(s) of your blog entry of your comments on the Game of Life.

  6. Report on your progress on your simulation project for the past week.

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