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Quiz 8


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This is the weekly quiz for 8 November 2012 for the CSC 1009 course. Please do this quiz after you have completed the rest of assignment 8. It should take between one half hour and 2 1/2 hours to complete if you are well prepared, longer if not.

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  1. Carefully, and in detail, explain the characteristics of a good gradebook spreadsheet for use by a teacher.

  2. Carefully and in detail explain the characteristics of a good course management spreadsheet for use by a student.

  3. Carefully and in detail describe how you could populate column A of a spreadsheet with all the dates for an entire year.

  4. Continuing the previous question, assume you have all the days of the year in column A, and assignments due for one course entered by their due date given in column A and the text of that assignmentin column B, assignments due for a secondcourse entered by their due date given in column A and the text of that assignment in column C, etc, through column F. Write a formula to put in the cells of column G to give a count of the assignments that are due either that day or in the 7 days prior.

  5. Continuing the previous question, explain how you would track late assignments on the same spreadhseet.

  6. Now give the URL of the blog entries for the spreadsheets you did for assignments 7 and 8.

  7. Report on your progress on your simulation project for the past week.

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