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93171 CSC 2060N -- Computer Organization -- Fall 2013
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Quiz 6

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This is the weekly quiz for 22 October 2013 for the CSC 2060 course. Please do this quiz after you have completed the rest of assignment 6. It should take between one half hour and 2 1/2 hours to complete if you are well prepared, longer if not.

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  1. By now you are supposed to have notes in your blog about the first 20 of Prof. Raman's lectures. If you can provide a blog URL with properly dated entries with meaningful content for all 20 of those lectures, you get credit for 2 full quizzes. If you have the full information, but it is not properly dated because you decided to catch up on your blog on reading this question, you can have half credit. If it is less than complete and/or was not done as assigned, I'll consider giving partial credit depending on the quality of the effort you show.

  2. Describe your proposed porfolio project in detail and what progress you have made in the past week, what problems you are encountering, and your projected date for completion.

  3. How does the ISA level differ from the Microarchitecture level and how are they related to each other? Give a general discussion and a detailed example.

  4. Tanenbaum asserts, "no (sane) person does much programming in machine language anymore." Write a detailed, well-thought-out, well-researched essay supporting or opposing this proposition. You cannot sit on the fence. You must pick one side or the other.

  5. Discuss the problem with the Pentium 4 in great detail.

  6. Summarize the three most important things you learned from Prof. Raman's 19th lecture. Summarize the three most important things you learned from Prof. Raman's 20th lecture.

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