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30043 CSC 3171A - 0 - Algorithms

Spring 2007
Thursday 11:30 am - 2:20 pm , Kramer Science Center 022
Herbert J. Bernstein ( )



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This is the syllabus for CSC 3171A for Spring 2007. As the course moves forward, students should return to this page frequently for updated material.

Catalog description:

CSC 3171A. Algorithms

3 credits

Algorithmic development is a key ingredient to the development of computer based solutions for a wide variety of scientific and industrial problems. This course provides students with an opportunity to further develop their skills in developing and documenting methodologies for the solution of various problem classes. Topics include large systems development in a cooperative environment, the writing of understandable pseudo-code, techniques for estimating the efficiency of an algorithm, the use of advanced data structures, and the implementation of these techniques using a programming language like Pascal or C. Example problems may be drawn from a variety of areas in discrete and continuous Mathematics. The course will require cooperation and collaboration among students to complete more complex programming assignments.

Prerequisites: MTH 1017, CSC 2025.

Offered: 2006-2008.

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CRN   Subj   Crse   Sec   Credits   Title   Campus  
  Start Date   End Date   Days   Times   Bldg   Room  
30043  CSC  3171A  3.00   Algorithms  Oakdale 
  Jan 30, 2007  May 14, 2007  TR  11:30 am - 02:20 pm  KSC  022 
  Instructor(s): Herbert J. Bernstein 


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