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92720 CSC 3981 -- Advanced Software Engineering I -- Fall 2012
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Quiz 3

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This is the weekly quiz for 2 October 2012 for the CSC 3981 course. Please do this quiz after you have completed the rest of assignment 3. It should take between one half hour and 2 1/2 hours to complete if you are well prepared, longer if not.

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  1. Consider Brooks' remarks on flowcharts. Consider the success and importance of UML. Discuss and explain.

  2. Consider everything you have read so far. Is there a silver bullet? If so, what is it? If not, why not?

  3. Discuss Jones's Point.

  4. If you have to do a very large and important project, one that your future personally depended on, what approach to software engineering would you follow and why?

  5. Consider everything you have read thus far. Suppose you had to write software for medical devices. Give your best thoughts on how to write software for such devices so that there is the lowest possibility that patients will be harmed by them and, subject to the first constraint, the highest probability that patients will benefit.

  6. Carefully consider the C programming language in light of Sommerville's discussion of dependability engineering. Write an essay on whether, in light of that discussion, C should be used for major programming projects. Do some research on the success of various programming languages and how well they do or do not conform to that discussion. Explain what you find.

  7. Update your blog on the status of your first project and then give the URL here.

  8. Give the URL of your current best proposal for your second project.

  9. You should now have completed reading Gustafson and to have read most of Brooks. Compare and contrast the two approaches to software engineering. How are they similar? How are they different? Do some research to see how successful the various approaches to software engineering have been. Form an opinion and justify it.

  10. Summarize the three most important things you learned in Prof. Joshi's sixth lecture.

  11. Summarize the three most important things you learned in Prof. Joshi's seventh lecture.

  12. Summarize the three most important things you learned in Prof. Joshi's eighth lecture.

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