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MTH 1002A - 0 - Fundamentals of Mathematics

Fall 2012
Online Version
Herbert J. Bernstein (yayahjb@gmail.com)



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This is the syllabus for an online section of MTH 1002A for Fall 2012. As the course moves forward, students should return to this page frequently for updated material. This syllabus is based on course materials by Prof. John Vargas, Prof. F. Rispoli, Prof. A. Nese and Prof. P. Ratner, whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged. This syllabus applies only to the specified section. Students taking other sections should consult the course materials for those sections.

Catalog description:

MTH 1002A. Fundamentals of Mathematics

3 credits

This course is a prerequisite for MTH 1006. The course emphasizes problem solving strategies as applied to problems involving linear equations, linear inequalities, simultaneous linear systems, optimization, interest, and counting techniques. Offered: 2008-2010.

This Section

This is an online section of MTH 1002. All activities for this course are handled via the internet and students do not need to be physically present at Dowling College to take this course. Students do need a computer with access to the internet with a web browser and with the program Skype. Skype is used for meetings with the instructor and for the final exam. Students are welcome to meet with the instructor face-to-face and will have the option of taking the final in-site at Dowling College instead of via Skype, if they wish.


Office Hours:

Office Hours are the recommended times for Skype or in person meetings with the instuctor, but other times for Skype meetings can be arranged via email.

Note that, in general, Dr. Bernstein will be at the Brookhaven campus on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and at the Oakdale Campus on Wednesday afternoons. If at all possible, please use email to schedule meetings in advance to avoid conflicts with other students and other obligations of the instructor.

For more information see HJB_Contact_Info.html


This is an online class, with no on-site meetings. The major risk in taking an on line course is in failing to make steady progress through the semester. Therefore, all students are required both to demonstrate their progress with on-line quizzes and assignments and to attend at least one online meeting every 2 weeks with the instructor to discuss the work they are doing for this class. Students are encouraged to schedule these online meetings in groups via Skype, but they may meet the requirement with individual Skype meetings or by on-site meetings during office hours.

Students who fail to maintain regular contact with the instructor prior to the midterm will get a midterm warning and be advised to withdraw from the course.

Text and required materials:

The text book is expensive, but you really need it to get through the course. I recommend forming study groups, sharing copies of the text, working together on problems and in creating the notes you will need for exams.

Calculator: Each student should have a program on their a computer to use as a caculator actually have a calculator to do exercises for this class. The computer should have a modern spreadsheet program. The calculator should be a "scientific calculator" or a "graphing calculator" or a "business calculator". (You will need to be able to compute logarithms and exponentials).

This is an online course. You must have a computer with internet access and a webcam. On that computer you will need to have a good web browser and a recent version of Skype.

Regular Progress in the Course:

In order to make regular progress in this course, student must view the video lectures, read the text, do the assignments, and, most importantly, take the quizzes on the assignments page. Those quizzes will be submitted electronically to the instuctor.

Grading Policy:


Students are warned that most high schools do not provide students with adequate preparation in Mathematics for them to be able to take this course. Dowling offers a course, DVM 0001, which helps to provide the necessary preparation. If you have great difficulty with the diagnostic quiz, and/or find if difficult to read the text book and keep up with the problems, you should consider switching to a section of DVM 0001 and taking this course when you are better prepared.

If you were once well prepared, but now just a bit rusty in your math, consciencious use of the Khan Academy videos and practice modules will help you get back up to speed. The instructor can help you if you register for the Khan Academy and list yayahjb@gmail.com as your coach.

Course Objectives

Course Topics and Reading Assignments