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90254 MTH 1014A - 0 - Pre-Calculus

Fall 2013
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Herbert J. Bernstein (yayahjb@gmail.com)



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This is the syllabus for an online section of MTH 1014A for Fall 2013. As the course moves forward, students should return to this page frequently for updated material. This syllabus is based in part on course materials by Prof. R. Grinnell, whose assistance is gratefully acknowledged. This syllabus applies only to the specified section. Students taking other sections should consult the course materials for those sections.

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MTH 1014A. Pre-Calculus

This course is a prerequisite for MTH 1021A. The course emphasizes problem solving strategies as applied to problems involving polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithm, and trigonometric functions. Projects, class groups, and a graphing calculator will be used throughout the course.

The Fall 2013 section is:

Pre-Calculus - 90254 - MTH 1014A - 0
Associated Term: Fall 2013
Registration Dates: Apr 02, 2013 to Dec 21, 2013
Levels: Undergraduate
Attributes: Liberal Arts
Instructors: Herbert J. Bernstein (P)

Dowling On Line Campus
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On Line Instructional Method
3.000 Credits
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On line TBA   Internet teaching on line LINE Sep 03, 2013 - Dec 21, 2013 Lecture Herbert J. Bernstein (P)E-mail

This Section

This is an online section of MTH 1014. All activities for this course are handled via the internet and students do not need to be physically present at Dowling College to take this course. Students do need a computer with access to the internet with a web browser and with the program Skype. Skype is used for meetings with the instructor and for the final exam. Students are welcome to meet with the instructor face-to-face and will have the option of taking the final on-site at Dowling College instead of via Skype, if they wish.


Office Hours:

Students have the option of meeting with the instructor either on-site or via Skype. In order to avoid conflicts with other students and other obligations of the instructor, if possible please make an appointment via email.

Note that, in general, Dr. Bernstein will be at the Brookhaven campus on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and on the Oakdale campus on Wednesday afternoons. Meetings on the Oakdale campus will be in KSC 103.

For more information see http://www.bernstein-plus-sons.com/.dowling/HJB_Contact_Info.html.

Please note that excellent tutors are available at the Academic Service Center (ASC) at the Racanelli Center, +1-631-244-3141. Students are encouraged to make use of the ASC. Tutoring, drill and working in study groups are very helpful in mastering mathematics.

Text and required materials:


This is an online class, with no on-site meetings. The major risk in taking an on line course is in failing to make steady progress through the semester. Therefore, all students are required both to demonstrate their progress with on-line quizzes and assignments and to attend at least one online meeting every 2 weeks with the instructor to discuss the work they are doing for this class. Students are encouraged to schedule these online meetings in groups via Skype, but they may meet the requirement with individual Skype meetings or by on-site meetings during office hours.

Students who fail to maintain regular contact with the instructor prior to the midterm will get a midterm warning and be advised to withdraw from the course.

Regular Progress in the Course:

In order to make regular progress in this course, student must view the video lectures, read the text, do the assignments, and, most importantly, take the quizzes on the assignments page. Those quizzes will be submitted electronically to the instuctor.

Grading Policy:

Course Objectives

Course Topics

Unlike the typical in-class section of Pre-Calculus, we will try not to skip any topics. You are to different extents responsible for every Chapter in Sullivan. Chapters R through 2 are materials you should already have learned, and some of you will be able to work through them quickly. Chapters 3 through 8 are the essential core of the course. The remaining chapters are useful supplemental material. If you are serious about a future in math and work steadily, at the rate of one chapter per calendar week, you should just manage to finish by the end of the semester. If you don't have the interest or don't have the time right now, your essential goal is to make it to the end of Chapter 8 by the end of the semester, and you may just view the later chapters as a place to go for extra credit material if you need it. To have a decent chance of getting through Chapter 8 by the end of the semester, please, be sure to get into Chapter 3 by week 4.


Updated 2 September 2013.